Several suicide bombers

Police has revealed that several youths have been oriented by the rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) to carry out suicide bomb blasts countrywide .

While addressing the media at the police head quarters in Naguru on Monday ,Police Mouthpiece Fred Enanga said investigations suggest there are many youth trained to carry out suicide attacks . According to Enanga the first suicide attack on a Swift Safari bus in Lungala ,Mpigi along the Kampala-Masaka Highway on will not be the last.

The suicide bomber in the incident has since been identified as one Issac Matovu aka Muzafaru .The deceased was working alongside a colleague identified as Nsubuga Abdul Hamid

We have since established that the two were jointly trained as suicide bombers by the ADF and for that matter ,we have a belief there could be other suicide bombers at large and we call on the public to be vigilabnt amidst these threats of suicide bomb attackers .

Several suicide bombers

Enanga says suicide attacks a new phenomenon and the public needs to be aware of the characters they mostly portray. He says Ugandans need to be armed with information this kind of attackers to minimize or prevent such from happening in communities.

Enanga says the police force is organizing lessons from Israel ,a country that has experienced several incidents of suicide attacks that will be distributed to the public .

“They come from nearly every background ,ethnicity or religious setting,they participate in months of indoctrination and majority are males between the age of 18 to 23 years , women and children have a potential of being recruited as well.We believe there are still more radicalized into the ranks of suicide bombers,”he said.

He describes the characteristics as ”they appear nervous public,sweat profusely ,seem preoccupied or have a blank stare ,have an acute focus ,try to blend awkwardly.They move away from authorities ,appear to be praying to themselves ,give away things of value wear on heavy jackets on warm days ,carry back pack and carry a detonating device held in a clenched fist,”

The first suicide bombing in Uganda was carried out by the Al shabab in the 2010 twin attacks .The attacks left 74 dead and 85 injured. Al-Shabaab, an Islamist militia based in Somalia that has ties to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the blasts as retaliation for Ugandan support for AMISOM.

Compiled by Minah Nalule