Emeka claims the Legendary singer is always cruising around town in a relatively affordable Toyota Noah and only avails the Range Rover in front of cameras.

Over two months ago, Jose Chameleone was gifted a monster Range Rover ride valued at over UGX 600M.

The ride was gifted to him by – friend of President Museveni’s brother only known as Emma.

Many claimed it was a persuasion for the legendary singer to denounce Bobi Wine’s NUP because he claimed to have always been part of NRM as soon as he received the car.

Since it’s reception, the Leone Island boss has been cruising around in the multi-million dollar ride.

However, Award-winning comedian and Morning Saga host Emeka has claimed that the singer cruises in the Range Rover on select days because he cannot consistently afford fuel for the monster ride.

According to Emeka who made the remarks during an interview with Alex Muhangi, Jose Chameleone drives a relatively cheap Toyota Noah when he is not going to be in front of cameras and only drives the Range Rover when he is set for the cameras.

It should be noted that before getting gifted the Range Rover, Jose Chameleone owned a fleet of cool rides like an Escalade, a Landcruiser V8 among others