Aunt Liz: Helping you soothe your pain away

Have you ever had your heart broken? Like seriously shattered and decimated. The little pieces clinking against each other like metallic balls in a glass jar. Pieces, which like humpty dumpty, cannot be put back together again with any adhesive substance or even the passage of time. That feeling of having your heart yanked out from your chest, arteries and all, the physical pain that accompanies, the sleepless nights thinking about how that bastard dumped you for a younger/skinnier/juicier babe. How the b*tch left you for a filthy rich but ugly toad.

The random tears that begin to flow every time you remember his/her scent on your bed sheets or how he held and cuddled you when you were feeling low. The texts that made you smile sheepishly in public places. Then the anger that follows, like a raging bull with a red flag waved in front of you, you charge in full flight at anyone who dares to mention the subject of your misery. Don’t they know that subject is taboo?

I have had my heart broken a couple of times. Once just wasn’t enough. I had to keep going back for more, and I can tell you. That sh*t hurts like a mother. But I can assure you that just as night turns into day, so does the heartache heal eventually.

So, if you have had your heart broken before, you are in very good company right here. I can give you a shoulder to lean on and cry on too. Just don’t leave any snort. I can give you words of comfort to take you through the seven or so stages of depression and beyond. I can hold your hand and soothe it until your loud sobs diminish to sadness and finally acceptance, a big step in moving on.

The darkest hour, they say, is just before dawn. Your dawn is right around the corner.

If you have any burning issue you would like to share, address it to and I’ll help you through your problem/dilemma.