Diamond Oscar was one of the biggest musicians in Uganda at the start of the past decade.

Faded singer Diamond Oscar ranks Diamond Platinumz as the richest musician in East Africa. This he said to rubbish Bebe Cool’s claims that Diamond hires cars and houses for showbiz.

Bebe stressed that he is richer than Diamond Platinumz, but according to Diamond Oscar, Bebe’s statements showed his ignorance.

“I heard him say things and wondered whether he watches TV or reads the news. It is a public secret that Diamond Platinumz is richer than anyone else in E.A. We all should aspire to be like him. I am personally working hard to be like him then I surpass him,” Oscar said in an interview.

Oscar has been off the charts but says he is releasing a collection of songs soon that will catapult him. He is surely a shadow of himself.