Speaker Among can no longer put up with careless MPs who can father kids with their girlfriends and then disown them.

Speaker Anita Annet Among told the house on Wednesday that she has had women come to her office to report legislators who have abandoned them.

The speaker said she is tired of her office being turned into chambers for resolving MPs’ family issues. And that she has had enough of it

Speaker Among warned: “I am tired of counselling women who come here complaining about MPs who have failed to take care of children they sire, and if MPs don’t want to believe this, I will start naming the culprits.”

She explained: “When we talk about failed parenting, it is even happening with members here in parliament! I get complaints about failure to take care of children sired by MPs. I am tired of counselling and I want to ask you, Hon members, to take care of the children you have sired out there.”

On sanitary pads for girls in schools, she said: “It is an agreed position of Parliament that the girls need reusable sanitary towels because some of the girls are actually taken advantage of because they cannot afford sanitary towels.”

Ahead of schools opening, Speaker Among urged: “Now that we are preparing to open schools, we need to understand the crucial role teachers play in mentoring our children. The children need to learn to coexist in a healthy way.”

On girls impregnated during Covid-19 break, she called: “We need a pre and post counselling arrangement for the girls who have been impregnated at a young age. We also need to know what plans the Government has for their education. we shall require a quarterly update to parliament on the actions taken.”

She also asked the country to turn eyes on the boy child: “In discussing the challenges facing the girl child, we need to pay attention to the boy child as well, because the actions we are talking about are orchestrated by them. We need to mentor our boys to co-exist with the girls in a healthy way.”