IT IS TRUE! NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: Real reason behind Sheebah & Jeff‘s separation revealed

Social media was yesterday awash with news about singer Sheebah and talents manager Jeff Kiwa partying ways after nearly 10 years of working together.

The news of course came as a shock to many followers of the music industry but the people close to the pair have already attested to us that the signs of the break have been there and it was only a matter of when and not if they break up.

One source close to Jeff confided to this website and said the main reason behind their separation was the failure to agree on a clear strategy to make money.

Where as Sheebah wanted to expand her empire and push more of her products like the Sheebah Yacht and the Holics pads, Jeff wanted her to concentrate solely on music.

Sheebah being the enterprising woman she has grown to become over the years, saw Jeff’s suggestion as one to lead her back atleast financially.

It is this lack of compromise between the two that led to a big friction and eventually a decision part ways had to be reached

Sheebah is set to hold a press conference to unveil her new management. She is reportedly set to release a new single she believes will be the start of a new chapter to conquer Africa musically. IT