Borrowing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Broken and Beautiful’ song, Sheebah Karungi, has responded to the ongoing issue at hand, and the answer just lies in her response, “It is what it is!!”

Sheebah KARUNGI quitting TNS! “It is what it is” and Jeff Kiwa is grateful for all they’ve accomplished in the 8 years…

Word on the rumor mill has it that Sheebah Karungi has quit Team No Sleep.

The Kawempe born artist has not come out to deny or accept whether she has quit the label that made her, but the writing is on the wall with her social postings that have followed hours later.

Clad in a T-shirt emblazoned with these words; ‘It Is What It Is’ Sheebah seems to speak to her fans, the Sheebaholics, who are wondering what it is with her longtime manager, Jeff Kiwa.

In a 15 sec clip, she is seen dancing to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Broken & Beautiful’ lyrics;

“I know I’m Superwoman, I know I’m strong

I know I’ve got this ’cause I’ve had it all along

I’m phenomenal and I’m enough

I don’t need you to tell me who to be.

Can someone just hold me?

Don’t fix me, don’t try to change a thing

Can someone just know me?

‘Cause underneath, I’m broken and it’s beautiful…”

As all this is going on, Jeff Kiwa, the ever quiet man who only makes a lot of noise through the hits Sheebah has released in the last 8 years had this to say; “I am Grateful.”

Among those that responded to his post is Bushingtone, Lydia Jazmine’s ex-manager.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough…Keep the head high champ.”

One thing that Sheebah attributes her success to is God followed by Jeff Kiwa. Two years back during her Munyonyo house warming, she had this to say;

“It is God that has put me in these places and I appreciate him so much for giving me people like Jeff Kiwa that have helped me get here… So many people have money, but they don’t have such assets.”

“Jeff, thank you for being a manager that does not only work for himself, but also the artist, Jeff and the team built this house from brick to brick…thank you Dirisa (alleged new manager), Allan Kiwa and friends who have worked tirelessly to see me this far.”

Jeff Kiwa has been with Sheebah Karungi from the days of ‘Ice Cream,” “Twesana” to her very latest songs of “Yolo” and “Njiira Love” that she did with Sama Sojah.

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