Ray G’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Namara blasts critics after facing backlash for celebrating the death of the singer’s baby

Over the weekend, singer Ray G and newly wed wife, Annabel Twinomugisha lost their baby.

As the bereaved couple was still hurting and mourning the loss of their baby, who was born on 8th of December, on the other hand, the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Namara was celebrating and dancing ‘Guddi Gudde’ on the baby’s grave!

Ray G and wife, Annabel lost their baby

A a screenshot of the Facebook post made by Elizabeth Namara promising to make the Ray G pay for the heartbreak he caused her made rounds on social media, leaving Netizens in shock.

Dear Ray G, I warned you to be careful with me after messing up the good life we had built together, but you couldn’t listen coz that ka mbarara’s public p***y  had opened up her p***y for you now look at you!!! My beloved ex, I will not rest until you pay for my years and money that you wasted… unless that you you gonna cry until leave this world,” Namara poured her heart out.

However, she later rushed and pulled down the post but the damage was already unforgettable as netizens pumped sense into her.

Namara and Ray G during their heydays

Following the heavy backlash, Namara yet again released a 43-sec-video clip, telling off ‘Team Ray G’.

“You are busy in my inbox telling me crap…please back off! I’m not your relative. Mumwesonyiwe, siri mwana waba nyamwe please. I have a right to post whatever I want on my social media pages, as long as I have not killed any person. You were not there when I was heartbroken. Don’t pretend that you care”, she unapologetically fired back.

Watch her rant in the video below:

Ray G’s ex-girlfriend responding to critics

A source who wished to remain anonymous said the baby was born prematurely. This was the couple’s second child after they had their first in January.

“No! This is not the other first baby they had. This is the second one. Annabell was pregnant with another baby, but I think she was born prematurely,” the source said.