Lynda Ddane reveals source of income enabling her to put up multi million apartments

It was only yesterday when we ran a story revealing how celebrated NTV presenter Lynda Ddane was putting up a multi million structure many people believe will be a five star hotel.

On showing off the unfinished structure on her official Instagram account, a number of people were left flabbergasted by her choice of investment with many saying she had shocked them for thinking smart

”Eeee eeee my lord Lynda am sure walai you’ve shot a serious bullet to yo fellow females who just think you’re a slayer just!!! Wow HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 BE MORE BLESSED THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE OF IT DEAR” Martin was left amazed by Lynda’s choice of investment

Wow! Congratulations building such a house ain’t easy. Some of us know what it takes” Bakasinno congratulated Lynda

”Congratulations gal, such a huge inspiration” Nabella commented

As if that was not enough fellow media personality Anita Fabiola also congratulated Lynda, ”Proud of you darling. Congratulations” 

Seeing that Lynda’s investment had drawn to much attension on socila media we embarked on finding out who was really behind her fiances and our sources say the apartments she’s putting up are a a joint effort of her rich family.

”She is building the apartments with the help of her father and brothers” a source told us