The song Gemwa which features 12 artists including David Lutalo, Daddy Andre, Phina Masanyalaze, Edger, Oscar Junior Pro, Rachel, Wintex, Yaled Kailua, Daphine, Llama and Evy Treyz was produced by Velocce and Josiah wrote the song.

A collection of artists from different walks of life and from different places giving COVID-19 a new face in this new normal.

A national representation of musicians from different parts of the country for example; Karamojong, Acholi, Lusooga, Lumasaaba, Luganda, Lutooro-Lunyoro, Lunyankole, Swahili and English.

Gemwa emphasizes the positive side of being vaccinated and speaks to the importance of vaccination for the economy to be fully open!

During the launch of the song #Gemwa @violet_alinda Twaweza Uganda country Lead and Director of voice and participation, said , ‘We are excited to have been part of turning data into a song to try to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Tackling people’s real fears and motivations through artistic expression can be a powerful way to address them.

Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre said: ‘I am always happy to use my platform and voice in service of my country. I got vaccinated to protect my loved ones, and myself and to enable me to go back to work safely so we can kickstart the economy. I urge all my fellow Ugandans to do the same.”

Listen to Gemwa below;