The two jailed National Unity Platform(NUP) legislators have written a long sad letter to their opposition counterparts in parliament accusing them of ceasing fire in the fight for their freedom.

Opposition MP’s Muhammed Ssegirinya, Kawempe North and Allan Ssewanyana of Makindye West  claim MP’s subscribing to the NUP have given up on the good cause of justice and are now going about their normal lives while they rot in jail.

The duo was remanded to Kigo Government Prison in September 2021 on charges of terrorism, murder and attempted murder in connection to the machete murders in the greater Masaka region that left close to 30 people dead.

In an emotional letter dated January, 01, 2022 and addressed to colleagues in the NUP, through the Officer in Charge of Kigo Main Prison, the MP’s claim they no longer hear campaigns for their release, hence feeling abandoned and under valued.

It reads in part ; “Since our arrests and subsequent continued incarceration, the National Unity Platform Members of Parliament made a protest once by walking outside parliament premises and moving a motion on the state of our arrest. This kind of solidarity and action have ceased with the more days we continue being under incarceration. We are now less valued in the party and in your presence. There is no pressure mounted against the state by you honourable members from NUP party,” the two legislators say in the message.

The frustrated duo has assured its fellow legislators in the NUP that the same fate they have suffered as victims of a trap they fell into will befall others.

“We may be the sacrifice today and then tomorrow someone else from the same party falls in the same trap, we want to confess to all of you once again that we didn’t commit any of these preferred charges. We need your voices outside there for a remedy. We need mounted pressure for justice to prevail.”It reads further

Despite the alleged call from the NUP legislators, NUP has dismissed the letters as false. Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, says he recently visited the detained MP’s and that they didn’t raise such concerns to him.

“Despite interacting with them, they have not raised any matter in regards the alleged grievances that NUP has neglected them. It is being circulated by a certain group of people who want the public to believe that NUP leadership is not caring about the two MPs.  We are following the right path of the law to see the charges are dropped by the state. ”