Sharitah Namusoke resigned from the Industrial area based Bukedde TV, the biggest Luganda TV station in the country.

At the time of her resignation, Shariah was one of the top presenters at the station and her resignation left many murmuring.

During an interview with Anna Talia Oze of Sanyuka TV, Sharitah Namusoke said she resigned from Bukedde TV because she couldn’t handle fellow presenters who were fighting her and wanted to save her life from destruction and stress that was piling up on her due to the witchcraft that had become normal among co-workers.

“I had to leave Bukedde because I faced a lot of challenges while as an employee at the station and the only decision I had to do was to tender in my resignation letter.

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I left because of individuals who were fighting to bring me down. Basically, I left to save my life. While leaving, I cried a lot because I left in much pain but I had to do so.

I decided never to use that road again and up to date, I don’t use that route because it brings only bad and negative memories.

It is true there is a lot of witchcraft practice at Bukedde TV. All the rumors that I was fired of any reasons they stated are all false allegations. I just resigned on my own will.” She said.

Sharitah Namusoke later joined Katwe based Delta TV where she currently works.