COVID-19 Lockdown gave birth to a number of exciting musicians. Most artists went back to the drawing board and revised their strategies since concerts, the only means of making money for some, had been banned. With people seated at home hopeless, music was one of the things they were left with to cheer them up.

With the entertainment industry set to be fully opened, Muzzinyi Victor Yo talked to some artists that emerged in the lockdown on how they plan to go big this year.

Check out what they had to say below:


The Teens darling, Crysto Panda dropped 2 mega hit songs; ‘Kyoyina Omanya RMX with Sheebah and ‘Ebiluma Abayaye’ in the lockdown. Crysto is optimistic that he will have a massive 2022. He had this to say;

“I’ve been working on a lot of projects, I opened up the year with Balumye remix  with City Don and I have songs coming up this year featuring big artists, the likes of Ethic Entertainment Group from Kenya, Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool and Andy Bumuntu from Rwanda. With all these songs I should say we good to go.”


The talented singer and songwriter was signed by Swangz Avenue at the end of 2019. She released her debut EP “Lo Fit” that left Ugandans yearning for more of her music. 2021, Azawi went on and dropped a 16-track album dubbed “African Music Album.”

“Am looking forward to releasing more videos off the African Music Album. I’m also looking forward to doing more performances across the world, to compensate for the time lost without parties. The performance calendar has started filling up pretty quick and I am excited and looking forward to that connection with the fans.”


Signed under Ykee Benda’s Mpaka Records, Dre has been a phenomenal artist in the lockdown. With hit songs Ekifuba, Ebisooka Nebisembayo, Singa Omanyi, etc, you can’t fail to look out for him this year.

“The plan is quite simple, I will keep recording music as I get ready for the pressure because during the lockdown, there was no particular pressure as far as releasing or production of music was concerned.”


The latest female duo is tipped to be the next big thing in the music industry, this is evidenced by their 3 songs that have left Ugandans awed. For a duo that rose during the lockdown, we are surely waiting for what they have post lockdown.

“2022 we are looking forward to recording and releasing more music and if all goes well, we shall drop an EP for our fans. We also have quite a number of projects with different artists both local and continental. We also can’t wait to perform for our fans when the entertainment industry is fully opened.”


With his hit songs Njira Love featuring Sheebah and Kikondoolo with Iryn Namubiru, Netizens anticipate that he will have a great year 2022 now that he has the magical hand of Jeff Kiwa. Speaking to Victor Yoo, he noted; “Throughout the lockdown, I kept on practicing, rehearsing, recording new work and writing new songs evidenced by the the release of my latest EP ‘Counting my blessings’,’ which features 5 super tracks. Any positive thinking artist doesn’t stop being a musician just because paid gigs are scarce, the music industry needs our content. It is now time to showcase what I’ve been putting together during the lockdown. It is going to be electrifying!”


After dropping Sango with Eddy Kenzo, it was very hard to assume that Martha Mukisa would bounce back with hit songs. However, she defied the odds and dropped lit massive jams like Tebatukyawa, Ex Wo and now Busy.

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She notes:

“As a growing musician, I plan to keep my fans safe and myself safe by advocating still for all the safety measures. By doing that it will keep me in business and also happy because my audience is ok. I’m also planning to use everything that I have learnt within the two years of lockdown to help me grow even bigger”.


The only Firebase musician still standing, Zex managed to drop mega tunes like Ratata and Magazine that left Ugandans yearning for more. Will he keep it up?

“As an artist that emerged in the COVID-19 lockdown, I’m planning to go bigger on my dreams and I’m not stopping because music doesn’t stop. As the music industry opens up, I’m planning on releasing a new album with 30 songs. I’m also planning on resuming my tours countrywide.”


The Zzina Awards 21 breakthrough Artist of the Year has been the talk of town the past 2 years. With his songs Kikomando, Wansala and Love Legend, lovers are surely waiting for him this year.

“I’ll keep doing what my fans love about me, despite the wave we keep doing to us, coz that’s the reason as to why we were welcomed in the industry. I have a lot of music lined up for my people this year.”


Mostly loved by babes who tend to listen to his songs when nursing love wounds, the youngster has gained a lot of fame with his songs, Tonelabira and Doctor, which have bossed airwaves.

“I personally believe my fans loved me for music so I am focusing so much on doing more good music. I’m so ready for every stage. I’m also looking at doing different collaborations with different talented artists here at home and away from home,” An-Known said.


Signed under CRK Planet, Flona has gone ahead and dropped exciting songs like Kingambe, Wewano and Nkuvunana. And yes, she says that she can’t wait to serve what has already been cooked for her fans.

“I’m working on new songs this year and probably organize a massive concert at the end of the year,” Flona revealed.