Rema & Hamza set to release video detailing their love story & bedroom activities

About a month ago, our very own sweet and beautiful singer Rema Namakula released a love song proudly praising herself and in turn sending a message to her husband, Hamza Sebunya, to count himself lucky because she possesses all the qualities he sexually desires as a man.

In the song, Rema brags about how she is beautifully and wonderfully made by God. She goes on to tell whoever cares to listen how she was wonderfully brought up by cultured parents & hence she embodies all the attributes necessary to make a woman successful in marriage.

True to her testament in the song, it has turned out that people are loving what she was singing about in the 3-minute track and this can only be explained by the fact that the ballad has garnered over one million YouTube views in a space of one month.

To appreciate the love and support shown by her fans, Rema took to her Instagram account and promised to release a video of the song together with her bae Hamza Sebunya.“I’ve not had a song doing this good with just audio….but with God and your love…it has been possible. Mwebale kunjagala. I’m putting something together for your eyes to feast on. I hope you’ll love it,” Rema posted on her Instagram.