GNL, lover show off multi-billion mansion in Muyenga

Y’all remember Lugaflo rap legend Ernest Nsimbi a.k.a GNL Zamba, bragged about making a billion Ugandan Shillings off his Spear Album sales?

GNL Zamba took to his socials to explain how his 6th Studio Album “The Spear”, released in 2020 made him a fortune in a period of Covid 19 where almost each and everything was on a lockdown.

“How I made a billion shillings during Lockdown on an album that didn’t play on radio & without a show,” Zamba explained in his post.

“100,000 Paid downloads On an independent platform I own & control, (not Spotify, not YouTube or Apple) but, Understanding Email Marketing and a monetized international fan base,” he noted, of course leaving the doubting Thomases sneezing.

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Well, about one and a half years down the road, the 39-year-old rapper is presumably, here reaping what he sowed. On Sunday, he left his fans and followers on Facebook murmuring as he showed off his soon-to-be completed mansion in Muyenga.

An inside source, who requested for anonymity, tips us that GNL, who is married to a Mzungu babe, has so far spent about a Billi on the gigantic structure.

Another source however, adds that much as the rapper claims that he made a Billi off his music in 2020 to justify how loaded he is, it’s his Mzungu largely bankrolling his projects including this mansion. Apparently, this is attributed to his love, care, charming ways and remarkable Zzina skills which have cemented his place in the loaded Mzungu’s heart.

When he shared the pics on his Facebook page, still a section of Netizens were unconvinced that the structure wholly belongs to him, not the partner in passion.

Some used this trending catchy line, ‘Gwe wooma osirike’, to indirectly sting him and downplay his hustle.

Either way, congrats to the couple!