On 14th December 2021, Katende Andrew Stephen alias Dre Cali was served with an intention to sue by WYSE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED over breach of contract. This was revealed through a press release on the same day.

The press release read, “Wyse Technologies Limited informs the general public that we have filed a lawsuit against musician Katende Andrew Stephen alias Dre Cali formerly Drey 23 over breach of contract.
On March 27, 2018, Wyse Technologies, Mr. Tumwesigye Denis, and Ssali Willbroad Nathan entered into a contract with Dre Cali to be under our management handling his musical activities and related chores for a period of five years, that is, from the date the contract was signed to 27th, March 2023.
As per the agreement, we invested millions and millions of Uganda shillings in Dre’s talent in the various recording studio, dressing, photography, promotions on Radio and Television in clear fulfillment of our obligations and duties.
However, in August 2018 only five months after the agreement was signed, Drey 23 then started to engage in conduct contrary to the terms of the contract that we entered into, these included disregarding management meetings, performing at shows without our knowledge, and approval.

He further engaged in several “Drey 23” brand activities like recording songs and shooting videos without our knowledge, releasing audios from the producers without our approval further associating with band 256 as an ambassador still without our knowledge. This was in total breach of the contract signed earlier on and which was still running.
Ultimately, he went ahead to sign a new contract with Mpaka records still without aligning previous misunderstandings, even when there was enough for termination of the contract.

Despite his violation and with full knowledge of this breach, he went ahead to purportedly terminate the agreement by the way of email on 14th, July 2019.
A notice of intention to sue was served to him but he adamantly ignored it.
All the above-mentioned uncalled-for conduct has caused mental anguish and distress, economic loss, damages to Wyse Management all of which are liable to Dre Cali.
Therefore, on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, through our lawyers of M/S Apyene & Co. Advocates, we served him with evidence regarding breach of contract and required him to file his defense after fifteen (15) working days.
Therein, we accuse him of breach of contract. So, he is liable for general damages arising from breach of contract, special damages (audio and video production, media tours, promotions, transport, and other related costs), and the cost of the suit.
We asked the court to rule this matter in our favor and be awarded the following;
A) Compensation of Ug. Shs. 81,820,000 (Eighty-one million Eight hundred and twenty thousand Uganda Shillings) for the gross breach of the contract
B) Legal costs
At the beginning of this month(December 2021), through his Lawyers of Wesley & Co. Advocates, he filed his defense pleading not guilty of any of the accusations tagged to him above.

The purpose of this release, therefore, is to inform him in public to avoid any excuse that he was not served and manipulate the media with any form of lies.
Therefore, Dre Cali is hereby informed that now we have handled the issue to our lawyers for any negotiations, or we meet in court if he is still confident that he is on the right side of the law.
As WYSE Management, our main objective from the first day was to make a major contribution to the entertainment industry by giving artists financial, technical, and moral support. Acts like these, however, deter us from our main goal of building the music industry.
Nevertheless, we continue to re-affirm our commitment to acts that promote the growth of the entertainment industry. We, therefore, would like to inform the public that while all this is happening, we are preparing a number of artists that we shall unveil at a later date.” It read.

Now Dre Cali is to appear at the Commercial Division of the High Court (Kyaggwe Road) tomorrow January 25th, 2022 before the court registrar for a pre-hearing session in the breach of contract case filed against him by Wyse Technologies Ltd.

By press time, our efforts to reach Dre Cali about the matter were futile.