Zuchu’s mum speaks out on daughter’s entanglement with Diamond

Taarab singer Khadija Kopa has denied claims that her daughter, Zuchu serves her ‘Sukari’ to Diamond Platnumz on a daily basis and dismissed him as her future son-in-law.

Zuchu’s mum dismisses Diamond as her future son-in-law

Kopa, in an interview with Wasafi, denied claims that Diamond has paid dowry for Zuchu and will soon officially harvest her.

“If Diamond was my potential son-in-law, he would have already come and given his dowry, then I would have called him my son-in-law,” she said.

“Diamond is not my future son-in-law and he has not come to me to ask if he can marry my daughter.”

Zuchu has in the past referred to Diamond as her brother and not her lover.

Diamond’s brother and the Vice President of WCB, Romy Jons, has however continued to hint that Zuchu and Diamond are in love.

Recently, Romy Jons said the singer was going to get married. Diamond has kept people guessing as he has not come out to say who his current lover is.

Diamond, Zuchu stepping out for shopping

Zuchu- Diamond bonk speculations:

Diamond Platnumz raised eyebrows among his fans after he took Zuchu on a romantic dinner date on Christmas day.

A number of gossip pages in Tanzania shared videos and photos captured from the dinner date, with reports that the two could be in love.

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On the other hand, Chibu Dangote put up a number of Insta-stories listening to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey and Ed Sheeran’s Perfect while on the dinner date.

Zuchu only shared short videos and photos showing her donning a cute red dress during the date, minus Platnumz in the frame.

Kopa denied claims that Diamond has paid dowry for Zuchu

Denies allegations

In September 2020, the Sukari hit-maker was forced to clear the air on allegations of being in a romantic relationship with her boss Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking during an interview on Wasafi FM, the Cheche maker denied the claims, stating the rumours were baseless.

She noted that if there was anything close to a relationship with Diamond, there would have been proof, adding that the rumours are from the promotion of her music, being done by Chibu.