Diamond Platnumz’s sister, Esma Khan, has vowed to step aside from involving herself with her brother’s relationships because she is fed up.

Esma claims she’s done rolling with Diamond’s girlfriend

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi TV, a media house owned by Diamond, Esma revealed that she used to be so close to her brother’s bonkmates but not anymore.

“Not nowadays. I used to roll with them but got tired and I have a lot to do. You will not find me again running after my brother’s lovers. I do not want to involve myself with his women. When we meet, we will greet each other and go on with our business,” she said.

Diamond is currently rumoured to be dating his signee Zuchu. Local media pundits in Tanzania have also accused Diamond of dating his employee and Wasafi presenter Aaliyah, rumours that are yet to be confirmed by either of them.

Diamond’s sister says she now has other business to run

Apparently, both Zuchu and Aaliyah were close friends before they split over differences which they’ve hidden from the public. 

Diamond Platnumz and his love games

Word on the streets has it that Diamond is set to walk Zuchu down the aisle.

All indications suggest, there is very fishy business going on between the pair but we have reasons to reservations.

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The top Bongo star could be yet again playing his love cards to hook, bonk, break-up and move on to the next one. Or could this be another elaborate publicity stunt?

Diamond and Zuchu are rumored to be dating

Diamond is a hitmaker and renowned bonk champ who has mastered the art of showbiz. His rise to stardom has not been entirely based on dropping hit after hit. But his publicity tricks and thirst for fresh bearded meat, clout-chasing and keeping his fans in suspense have helped his career to skyrocket.

He is known to make great music and has a controversial love life. The 32-year-old music sensation jumps from one relationship to another, leaving a trail of unfulfilled promises behind him.

Looking back at the empty promises of putting a ring on it for the likes of Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, and Tanasha Donna, this relationship could easily end up as another story of a single baby mama.