Police on adultery, debt collection

The Uganda Police Force (UPF) has distanced itself from handling matters related to adultery and debt collection, describing them as civil matters.

While addressing a presser on Monday, Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson explained that the mandate of the force is to handle criminal and not civil matters as mentioned above.

His statements follow an incident last week in which a media personality was netted with a married woman in a hotel room by an Inspector of Police identified as Julius Ogwang attached to Kira Road Police Station. The husband reported the matter to police consequently causing the arrest of his wife and the suspect.

Enanga says criminalizing adultery is unprofessional and an abuse of authority, which can cause the arrest and dismissal of a police officer from the force.

“The officer who registered the case, IP Ogwang, is arrested and charged with discreditable conduct, which upon conviction, can lead to a dismissal from the force. Ogwang in conspiracy with the husband of the woman victim arrested two in a hotel room, and interrogated them on camera, in a manner that was violating privacy,” Enanga said.

He says adultery evidence is a civil process that results into divorce, separation, custody of children and sharing of property.

Police on adultery, debt collection

He further explains that adultery can only turn criminal when it involves life threats, elopement of one’s spouse or domestic violence.

“A victim can only report such matter when another person uses his or her power or positions of superiority and takes advantage of the victim’s vulnerability or disability, and under domestic violence, where the victim is tortured physically or emotionally, by the sexual behavior of a married partner,” Enanga stated.

The Police Spokesperson has also warned officers from intervening in matters concerning debt collection.

“Other areas where the public in conspiracy with police officers are private debts ,we have sent out a message to all territorial commanders to stop criminalizing debt collection, If you have a debt with someone that is a personal understanding ,Use civil processes because we are not debt collectors”Enanga said