I head Ruger’s PR team, Sheilah Gashumba brags

Media personality Sheilah Gashumba brags about promoting the Nigerian musician, Michael Adebayo Olayinka, commonly known as Ruger, not only in Uganda but also in the whole region. 

The NBS After 5 entertainment pundit has been so close to the “Dior” singer and many social media users assumed they were bonking.

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But she disclosed it’s a working relationship. 

“It was Ruger’s first time to headline a show away from home and he pulled it off.  He is grateful for what I have done for him in Uganda and East Africa. I listen to his songs first because I head his PR team in East Africa,” she said. 

This week on Monday, Sheilah Gashumba’s colleague, Douglas Lwanga also defended her live on set, claiming that she and Ruger are business associates, not bedmates as many thought.

“She has a PR company that promotes Western African music, and she promotes musicians too. So, if you see her with them, then she’s partly working,” Douglas explained.

Rickman not at peace after Sheilah vibes with Ruger

When the fast-rising Nigerian singer jetted into the country mid-last week, Sheilah Gashumba positioned herself as the hot girl who would give him company throughout his stay in Uganda.

As we earlier on reported, self-proclaimed Lil Stunner traveled to Rwanda to attend his next show. She was pictured tight-marking him, giving no room to Rwandan beautiful babes who might have wished to chill with the star.

Next thing was her boyfriend, Rickman, throwing tantrums on Twitter. When the 26-year-old tweeted about the wonderful time she had in Rwanda, Rickman responded by saying he cared no more about her feelings.

“Had such a relaxing and great time in Rwanda. UG in a few,” Sheilah tweeted but Rickman responded in a rude manner “I don’t care any more.”