Prima last week accused Geosteady of child neglect, she said the musician has adamantly ignored his responsibilities.

In response, Geosteady has revealed Prima once time told him he is not the father of the children and that she doesn’t need him close to them.

“You said in my face those kids ain’t mine that even if they die I shouldn’t come for burial, despite I have never done a DNA test for them and I guess you were right,” Geosteady wrote claiming he has a recording to prove Prima’s statement that he is not the father of the children.

He however asked Prima to stay away from the media if she needs anything from him. She should always call or send a message to him.

“If you need support call or text and if you don’t want stay in your happy life. Stop using media and stop fighting my brand at least I have done so much bad but the good has also added value to you” he partly wrote.

The singer adds that he has no problem with the children but with Prima who believes media will play part in mending their broken relationship.

Geosteady and Prima share two children together.