Ugandan iPhone dealers Sage buyers have announced a partnership with Lipa Later, a Kenyan tech-led consumer credit platform to enable their clients to receive iPhones and other Apple products available at the Sage Buyers store on credit.
The new arrangement that targets corporates and other salary earners mostly will have people getting their dream Apple products after paying just 10% of the final amount and clear in a period of 12 months while using the product.

Dubbed the most revolutionary way to handle business in the fast-growing market Phones market of Uganda, critics have credited Sage Buyers for looking forward always and innovating new ways to please their markets while serving them.
“Awesome, if you ask me. We need to give Stanley Ssempijja (Sage Buyers CEO) and his team respect for always thinking ahead in this market. While their colleagues are looking for clients in the most traditional of ways, he is looking for viable partnerships and setting the market pace. It is outstanding.” Isaac Tumwine, an IT practitioner said.

Lipa Later has other partnerships with retailers across East Africa allowing shoppers to pay for products in installments. For instance, Lipa Later’s partnership with French retailer Carrefour allows customers to pay for items including furniture, electronics, and even perishables in monthly installments.

Recently, they raised over USD 12M that they have set aside to expand their operations into Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. At the moment, they have been operating in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Speaking to this website, Stanley Sempijja the Sage Buyers CEO said that his business is a customer-satisfaction-oriented enterprise and committed to scouting more opportunities and partnerships that help them to advance that goal.

“We appreciate that saving is not an easy venture. It takes a lot of discipline and commitment which many people may not have. But that should not stand in their way to enjoy the finest things that life has to offer.” He said.

“That is why we came up with this arrangement. If you earn a salary, for instance, you can start using your desired gadgets while paying in installments and you complete the payment.” He added.

How to Benefit from the Lipa Later – Sage Buyers Partnership
a)​Sign up using link – you can sign up using national ID, PASSPORT or driving permit.
b)​After signing up, Lipa Later will reward you with a credit limit which you can use to shop for any apple product of your choice.
c)​Upload your 3 months bank statement (this can be done through your banking app ) onto the website or send it to the email
d)​Sign a consent form which will be available on the website to authorize Lipa Later to do a background check on the information provided.
e)​Go ahead and shop for your dream Apple product from Sage Buyers.
f)​Indicate how long it you will take to pay for the product (up to 12 months).
g)​Your dream Apple product will then be available for pickup at our store or delivery within 3 working days.