Absa Bank Uganda on April 21st, 2022 hosted its Muslim customers and staff who are observing the holy month of Ramadan to dinner to break their fast at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala. The annual observance of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.

The Absa Bank Uganda Managing Director Mumba Kalifungwa said the iftar dinner is part of a long-time tradition that the bank organizes to honor and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

He also said that it’s a testament to building an African continent where sharing a meal is key in strengthening relationships.

“We organize this dinner on an annual basis as a sign of gratitude for your continued trust as the bank of your choice, not only today but throughout the years. We are here to retaliate our promise to you that we shall continue to present your best business and personal interests and bring your possibilities to life,” said Kalifungwa.

He added: “This will be done through providing not only tailored products, and digital innovations but by also offering world-class customer services to help meet your needs whether at personal or business level.”

Kalifungwa said that it is critical to foster a culture of collaboration to achieve a shared dream of growth between Absa Bank and customers.

“It is through an engagement such as this one that we should achieve our shared dream. As part of the spirit of charity in the holy month of Ramadan, we shall be donating Quran and prayer mats to Muslims,” he stated. 

Dr. Ebraheem Ssali, a lecturer at Makerere University and the event’s keynote speaker said the holy month of Ramadan is in its final days, which compels Muslims to double their efforts in doing good deeds.

He applauded Absa Bank Uganda for the dinner, saying that the Muslim community feels appreciated, recognized, and respected.

“Such gestures bring us closer; I believe that for the few minutes I have been with the Absa Managing Director, he has learned a few things in Islam,” said Ssali.