Bonking positions most likely to break your whopper during bedminton finally revealed

Some bonking positions can put you at a greater risk for penile fracture than others.

Yes, you can actually break your whopper & some sex positions can put you at a greater risk for penile fracture
than others, according to a study published in the international journal of importance research.

For the study, researchers looked at 90 patients aged 18-66 who had fractured their whoppers.they found that 77% of those
cases were sexual trauma realted, so they took a closer look at the sex positions performed during the time of their injuries.

The most dangerous sex position ? a whopping 41% of men fractured their penis during doggy style, followed by missionary and woman on top.

the severity of the fracture was similar between doggy and missionary, but significantly worse when comparing doggy and woman on top, the study found.

Penile fractures occur when you put too much force on your erection. There are sponge like tubes in the tissue of your penis that become rigid when filled
with blood, yhr study revealed. Those tubes don’t bend when they’re hit with lots of force, which can cause them to break,leading to pain,swelling, blood blockages
an, if it’s bad enough, a trip to the ER.

Recent Brazilian reaserch also concluded that woman on top is the riskiest sex position for your penis, since she’s in control of the angle and speed.

If she accidentally slips out, your member can hit a bony area of her body, or she may sit backdown your whopper (with her entire body weight) at a funny angle.

But what makes doggy style so severe in this case? The researchers specualte that when you’re entering her from behind, you may get overly excited and sex can become “extremely vigorous”