Lwasa warns Mr Lee to stop wasting time with Diana Nabantanzi as he brands her a money milking machine that can’t settle for marriage

Masaka City big shot Emmanuel Lwasa has revealed that his ex-BBS TV bonkmate Diana Nabatanzi won’t ever get married to any one let alone B2C lead Mr Lee.

It should be remembered that dated Diana for a period of five years yet in that period she never brought forth any kid something that hurt Lwasa to an extent of him marrying another woman called Angel Kwankunda.

Now that it is rumored that Mr Lee is the one teaching Diana Nabatanzi all the monkey styles there is in the world ,controversial Masaka Tycoon has come out gun blazing and in his interviews has warned the budding singer to trade carefully about settling down with the TV presenter.

According to Lwasa, Diana Nabatanzi is not about sttling down but rather passing time and eating men’s money.

”If it’s true that their dating then I feel sorry for the man she’s dating. Diana Nabatanzi isn’t interested in settling down or marriage. I would therefore advise the man who is dating her to go slow about the marriage issue because like you saw she dubbed me for 5 years” Lwasa said in an exclusive interview with a local media outlet