ROKE Telkom, under the RWE Foundation umbrella, has today donated iftar items to the Muslims in Mende, Matugga ahead of the Eid celebrations.

The items donated include; rice, beans, posho, cooking oil, wheat flour and a cow. The members of the Mende Kalema Mosque were thrilled to receive the items intended to support the various families as they end the holy month of Ramadhan.

Speaking on behalf of Roke Telkom, Michael Mukasa, the Chief Operating Officer mentioned that Roke telkom has for the past years supported and given back to the Muslim community to support them during Ramadhan as they prepare for Iftar and ultimately, Eid celebrations.

“We are pleased to be able to celebrate alongside our muslim communities as they come to the end of the fasting period. We recognize the inadequacies of some of the members, and we hope the different food items we have given today can enable them celebrate with their families joyously,” Michael said. 

While receiving the items, Sheikh Noor Kasule, the Deputy Imam of the Nawuwe Mendi mosque commended Roke Telkom for their act of generosity towards them.

“I would like to thank Roke Telkom for the donation made to our mosque towards our community. The teachings of the Quran encourage acts of giving to the needy in addition to fasting and praying. We are glad that organizations such as Roke Telkom recognize us and are quick to support during Ramadhan.” Sheikh Noor mentioned.

He further urged and encouraged Muslims to continue praying and leading a life that Allah asks of us all. “I however encourage you all to continue living according to the teachings of Allah even as we conclude Ramadhan,” he said. Roke Telkom has over the years positively impacted communities through their various CSR engagements in different sectors like education, encouraging other sector players to partake on the same.

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