Swag & pomp at the Galaxy Fm Zzina Carnaval as fresh bazinyi showcase trending styles and fashion

Despite the confusing dates of when Eid al-Fitr would be celebrated, it was finally announced by Saudi Arabian Muslim elders that the feasting day would go down on 2nd May 2022.

As such Galaxy FM got the go ahead to confirm that indeed their long awaited Zzina Carnival concert would go ahead on the same day.

From the photos shared by one of our camera men, it is evident that all Galaxy FM listeners turned up not only to enjoy themselves but to showcase different trends in terms of fashion and design.

Whereas there are slay queens that came dressed in skimpy and tight attires, a number of young high school girls colored the ceremony with their millennial bangy jeans and wide tops.

As expected a big number of chics came dressed in thigh revealing tight pants perhaps as a clear strategy to attract busy bees at the event.

As the event got filled with good looking sexy girls, it became clearer that Jahazi Pier had turned into a fertile hunting ground for the Bazinyi and indeed those with sharp shooting vibes benefited from the day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZtA-bH4KzI Swag