You will often see some of the most beautiful girls glowing and living luxuriously in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it is easy to envy that lifestyle.

But there is more that happens there to attain that lush appearance than meets the eye.

The last couple of years has exposed what goes down in Dubai. Slay queens are subjected to the most dehumanising and degrading things to get money.

Dubai has been trending this week following the “Dubai Porta Potty” video. iAfrica24 reported on the viral footage in which a supposedly rich man drops massive pupu into a slay queen’s mouth.

Following the “Porta Potty” footage, several videos have emerged online, alleging what goes down in Dubai.

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An unverified video surfaced on Twitter, where a slay queen was sitting in a bathtub, and a man was urinating on her face.

But how much do these women get paid for everything they do?

Apparently, these granddaughters of Adam cash in an eyewatering amount of dime to go and have a good time in UAE.

Multiple sources reveal that they can get paid up to US$63 890 (UGX 227,550,304) to have “threesomes”.

One Vanrooyen shared a tweet which explained more about what happens in Dubai. Slay queens are called “Porta Potties” in Dubai because rich men urinate and defecate on them there. After being dehumanized, they can get paid over US$30,000 (UGX106,847,850).

Speaking during an interview, one of the victims regretted her love for money, saying she got intimate with three men at once and ate their human waste. She claimed to have been offered US$40,000, but only to get paid US$10,000 (UGX 35,615,950).