Mwenda blasts Sheebah for hiding person who allegedly ticked her punani & touched her boobs inside her own car

Andrew Mwenda has revealed that he has opened up a case to find out the person who allegedly raped Sheeba Karungi.

Mwenda posted on his twitter page and said that he talked to the CID and police is going to call Sheeba Karungi amd ask her to reveal the offender.

“I have talked to the director of CID who has agreed to open a case to find out the person who allegedly raped singer Sheeba Kalungi. Police are going to call her and ask her to reveal the offender. Sheeba is being disingenuous in hiding the true rapist as social media lynch me,” he posted.

Reecently, Sheebah Karungi went on YouTube with a video and claimed that some man who appears on television and presents himself as a role model raped her.

““I had a show. I was performing for one of those people you respect and call real role models that pretend on TV to be good……This old pervert was trying to be funny with me in  my car. He and his security just came and opened my car door as I was sleeping waiting to be called on stage by my manager. He was trying to be inappropriate in front of my team members; no shame, no remorse…I so angry that I almost didn’t perform but I respect my job” narrated Sheeba.

Mwenda insists that since  Sheebah  is popular, she wouldnt let the man who raped her to go scottfree.

“I have come to the conclusion that the ambiguity in her video is not innocent. I am told she is a popular musician. Why does she let a man who raped her go scottfree and at the same time sit back as social media lynch an innocent person? Not that I really care about what people on social media say about me. But I care that so many well intentioned people are duped by Sheebah. I also care that rape is a bad thing, that women who experience it suffer untold psychological trauma,” Mwenda said.

Mwenda adds that he has spoken to Lt-Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to offer her all the protection incase she is scared.

“I have talked to @mkainerugaba who has promised to call Sheeba and offer her all the protection she needs in case she is afraid that revealing the person who raped her would be risky. The singer now has no excuse to fear to collaborate with police to arrest this rapist!” he tweeted.

On his twitter page, Muhoozi claimed that ‘his brother Mwenda’ is innoncent.

“I have read all your comments about @Ksheebah1. I have seriously interrogated my brother @AndrewMwenda and he says he has never met the lady. So, this is definitely another fake story!” he tweeted.