KCB Bank Uganda, together with Burgess Foundation organized a skills training program to facilitate the residents of Namuwongo with knowledge to curb unemployment and improve livelihoods. The aim of the training was to equip women and youths with skills that will enable them start up small businesses which can gradually change their welfare.

The three-day training program run from the 12th – 14th May 2022 at Kasanvu Community Hall in Namuwongo. 50 women comprising majorly of teenage and single mothers were trained on how to make liquid soap, books, and reusable sanitary towels.

Sylvia Nashuha, Marketing Manager, Corporate and Business at KCB Bank Uganda urged the community members to carry on the skills they had learnt to generate income for their wellbeing.

“We believe the skills imparted will enable the community members start up small enterprises where they can be self-employed, and in turn support their well-being,” noted Nashuha.

She added, KCB Bank engages in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that are conducted under its 5 pillars of; Health, Education, Environment, Humanitarian and Twekozese, with the aim of identifying challenges faced by the communities in which we operate, and therefore collaborate with different stakeholders like Burgess Foundation to improve livelihoods of Ugandans and ensure sustainable development.”

Speaking on behalf of Burgess Foundation, Stella Kyobutungi, CEO at Burgess Foundation mentioned, “We were able to train 50 youth, women, and girls in Namuwongo and we appreciate the financial support rendered by KCB Bank Uganda to see that the project is successfully implemented.”

Kyobutungi encouraged participants that once they start generating income from the skills imparted, they should also start saving with financial institutions like KCB Bank Uganda so that they can grow their finances and at a later stage use the same to boost their businesses.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) assessment of teenage pregnancies in Uganda, 354,736 teenage pregnancies were registered in 2020 and 196,499 in the first six months of 2021.

“As per the UNPFA report findings, it is key that we continue to invest in initiatives that empower the girl child with skills that will enable them to attain a decent living.”, Nashuha concluded.    KCB Bank in partnership with Burgess Foundation will further carry out a Maternal Health Camp scheduled for Friday 20th, May 2022. This outreach program will extend free HIV testing and Counselling, Antenatal checkup, COVID 19 Vaccination, Family planning and birth control education and facilitation to the residents of Namuwongo.