Besigye gags wire mesh

Opposition political giant Kiiza Besigye has taken his protest style a notch higher and installed wire mesh around his vehicle while protesting high commodity prices. The white fenced Land cruiser was impounded at Kasangati police last week after police frustrated his planned protest.

The People’s Front for Transition leader who has been under house arrest for the past six days decided to hit the streets of Kampala on Thursday morning in a rare way to pass his message.

Besigye gags wire mesh

His fresh protest comes just hours after the police finally withdrew forces from his Kasangati, Wakiso based residence after camping there to halt Besigye to leading protests against the escalating commodity prices.

By Thursday morning, no trucks were seen blocking the entrance of his residence. Also, Besigye’s meshed vehicle that had been impounded and parked at Kasangati Police Station was driven back to his home.

However, the withdrawal has not worked as expected as Besigye, embarked on a rather dramatic journey in the same fenced car from Kasangati to Kampala- Gayaza road where he has been stopped by security forces.

The opposition strongman fitted his ride with speakers and gagged wire mesh around the windows, making it impossible for the police to pull him out or smash the windows.

By the time of filing this report, Besigye was heard speaking to mounting crowds along Kampala -Gayaza road to protest the rising prices.

Police tried in vain to stop the speech by removing speakers but Besigye had multiple speakers in his car and continued speaking.From inside his car, Besigye is flashing a red card to police officers.

The police cops who have patrol cars have resolved to block him from the bask and front as they cannot grab him out of the fenced ride.

Police is also struggling to disperse crowds that have lined up along the Kampala-Gayaza road to cheer him on.

Several traders along the Kampala-Gayaza road have closed their shops for fear of chaos.