After the recent Sheebah Karungi’s sexual harassment revelations, sworn enemy Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy has come out and cautioned Sheebah to share the details of the man who sexually harassed her.

The UMA President said she was very concerned as a woman after watching and listening to a video shared on Sheebah’s social media pages revealing how a prominent Ugandan was inappropriate and funny with her.

However, during a recent interview, the self-proclaimed King Herself, suggested that her fellow singer should come out and adequately explain herself

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“I think all of us are really racing to a conclusion, when somebody said that, somebody tried to be funny. What does it mean when somebody is trying to be funny? After listening to Sheebah’s video about her recent incident, I was very concerned as a woman and I was like, what is happening but she didn’t say she was raped or she was sexually harassed, she said someone was funny and I think we should wait for details of how funny this person was. So let us not spread allegations that she was raped yet she actually didn’t mention anything so we should wait and find out the real truth, what is being funny.  Cindy said.

When asked if sexual harassment is about the skimpy dresses, she said that people should stop putting the blame on their skimpy dresses, saying the event organizers should increase the security forces at events because they have no intention of changing their outfits. “I cannot tell an artist to change their dress code because their performance is what gets them the jobs. I can recommend having more security, especially if one is dressed that way,” Cindy said.

It should be noted that Cindy and Sheebah don’t see eye to eye.