Miracle Centre Cathedral’s Robert Kayanja has advised the youth to stop investing millions in phones.

Pastor Kayanja said many of the youth in Uganda are job seekers, but when they get the jobs, they instead use their salaries to buy expensive gadgets such as phones, drive expensive cars, and go for outings, among others. “I am really surprised by the youth of nowadays; how can I start buying a phone of sh300,000 or sh1m from a Chinese or an American? Why wouldn’t I just use that money to start up a small project such as a goat or chicken rearing project?

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 “I know after a year of investing or saving, I will have multiplied what I had saved or invested and I will also be self-employed,” Kayanja said.

He made the remarks during a one-day crusade at Wampeewo playground off Gayaza road.

The crusade was organized by Pastor Patrick and Ruth Mutiimba in conjunction with Nangabo Pastors Fellowship.