American rapper Rick Ross has finally admitted to the public that he and Diamond Platnumz ‘baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto, are bonking.

But honestly, we had already tipped our Bazzinyi about it sometime back after sniffing around, sikyo? But then, still, Baganda have this old adage that goes, ‘Love is like a cough, you can not hide it.’ It was just about time for Rick Ross or Mobetto to reveal the open secret!

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This week on Wednesday, during their Instagram live session, Netizens pinned Ross to set the record straight about his relationship with the gorgeous TZ heartthrob, and stop playing ping pong games.

The 46-year-old rapper somewhat tried to evade the question as he tactfully passed it on to Mobetto, who was right beside him. “They wanna know if we are dating? Did you answer that? They wanna know if you love me…”

The vixen cum model too, wasn’t ready to respond. She instead told the Maybach Music star that it is his question to answer. “The dating… okay, they said they want you to be the one to answer the question,” she rebounded the question, to which Rick Ross, with a grin on his face replied, “ yes, she is mine. Yes she is… she is,” followed by the cutest laugh between the two.

I wouldn’t want to say the pair were blushing like high school teenagers intoxicated with love, but they totally were.

The mother-of-one revealed that she was fascinated by comments from Netizens. “The comments today are killing me…” she said, while her boo added that he actually loved the comments coming through.

Rick Ross and Hamisa Mobetto have a 19-year age difference that seems to bother people a lot.