Zahara Totto attacks Grenade’s sugar mummy

Zahara Totto has called out sugar mummies, who have bonked or have plans to bed singer Grenade Official, to always let him walk away smiling if they can no longer afford him.

The NBS TV gossip monger made the statement after Grenade’s sugar mummy had him arrested and detained over trespass. The aged sugar mummy, who has been bankrolling the singer’s flashy lifestyle, also accused him of practicing witchcraft.

Speaking during an interview with a local channel, the sugar mummy claimed that she once found the 23-year-old singer in a shrine, seeking spiritual blessings from the Jajjas.

She disclosed that the ‘Afazaali Nkuloga’ star has been bringing some weird charms, including a bark cloth, snake eggs and a local smoking pipe to her home.

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Being a Muslim, she couldn’t tolerate such because she’s even never been to a shrine, hence throwing him out of her bonk nest in Kitende.

However, Zahara Totto believes that this sugar mummy is just playing ping pong games after running broke. According to Totto, when all the bank accounts dry up, reality hits sugar mummies hard and they start fighting their prey.

The UnCut Kalakata star further explained that for witchcraft, musicians practice such. This should not therefore be a surprise.

“Please all of you sugar mummies out there, you know the reasons why you clearly love Grenade. And if you reach a point where you can no longer afford him, leave him alone and let those who can afford him have him. We are just so tired of your noise like it’s us who sent you there. Coming here to shout that he practices witchcraft won’t save you because that’s not news. We all know that musicians practice such,” she blasted.