Rasta showers Rema with dollars as she performs on stage

Musicians should always remind themselves about the importance of connecting with their audience especially when performing on stage.

A good audience connection provides a memorable experience for fans. It gives them an opportunity to escape from their daily struggles, relax and get a feeling that they can’t get anywhere else. It also promotes a fun and safe atmosphere where they feel comfortable tipping if applicable.

Songbird Rema Namakula does it to perfection whenever she holds a live show. Mukyala Musaawo ticks all the boxes when it comes to giving her fans an unbeatable experience. This is one of the reasons why her shows have always sold out…she doesn’t need to show up half naked like Sheebah or Kappa Cat to impress.

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Sometimes fans just want to listen to mellow music and enjoy a glass of wine with their friends. Just that and Rema understands the assignment.

45 minutes into her live performance, the 31-year-old angelic songbird transforms the environment in the audience, as fans grow into her vibe, process by process.

Taken up by vocals and sweet ballads, they begin to lift up their hands in appreciation, clap, sing along word for word, with others dancing to the beat. Next thing in line, the tip money starts rolling in, effortlessly. This has always been a routine.

Those who attended her recent show in Istanbul, Turkey, are my witness. Donning a yellow fur jacket, black fitting pants with shiny silver chains and matching boots, Rema left no stone unturned as she engaged with her fans.

She performed all her hit songs but it was ‘Touch My Body’ ballad, a love song she released in 2019, which literally swept everyone onto their feet, including men.

One of the loaded Rastas, was overwhelmed by the sweet vibes and slid onto the stage, pulled out dollar notes from his pocket and started making it rain on the married star singer, before he left.

Watch the action below;

Rema on stage