Queen Sheebah opens full blown war against the King her self Cindy….Details inside as she gives her views on UMA elections

Former Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi seems to have opened up a full blown war against long time nemesis Cinderella Sanyu popularly known as Cindy.

While attending Rnb star Allan Tonik’s album listener’s party at Sky lounge in Naguru, the “Nabaleka” hit commented on the recently canceled UMA elections and also gave her unshaken opinion about her long time nemisis Cindy clearly stating that she is not the kind of leader musicians need at the helm of their association.

When asked delve deeper and explain why her unwavering support isn’t behind a fellow woman given the fact that she’s a feminist, Sheebah said Cindy is not an approachable person and has never come to her place to ask her for support or a vote.

“The fact is am supporting King Saha because he personally came to my place and asked me for support. Cindy has never come to me to ask for a vote nor has she ever mobilized singer to explain how UMA as an organisation shall help to solve their problems. I know the electoral commission did try to play games with the online voting but I was among the people who fought to see to it that the election is canceled. I don”t see any reason why we should hold online elections when there is no covid any more” Sheebah said when asked about Cindy and the UMA elections


Listen to Sheebah’s audio below: