Fire baby Winnie Nwangi finally opens up on Swangz avenue’s decision to sideline her as label is set to organize a concert for new baby Azawi

When Swangz Avenue’s fast-rising artist Priscilla Zawede, popularly known as Azawi, put up a post early this week announcing her maiden concert at Lugogo grounds on July 22, a number of music critics were left baffled by the label’s decision.

In all fairness, it is understandable that the managers of Azawi believe she is ready to stage a concert given the fact that she has consistently churned out hits for 2 good years, but to do so when Winnie Nwagi, another artist in the same label has never held a concert, is not disrespectful but self defeating.

It is this reasoning that has generated all forms of criticism on social media with many saying it is time for Winnie Nwagi to rethink her allegiance to Swangz Avenue as all the label’s focus now seems to be on Azawi.

Given the hot heated debate on whether it was right for Swangz to front Azawi before Nwagi, our snoops got up with a source close to Winnie and from what we have so far gathered, it is alleged the self proclaimed fire baby is cool with the label’s mode of work.

“Winnie is cool with whatever Swangz is doing. Her contract is well stipulated and every single detail is being followed by the parties concerned. When her time to hold a concert comes by, she will definitely have one,” Winnie’s manager intimated to this website.