Kikuube police are holding two suspects accused of robbing a produce dealer of Shillings 1.8million on Monday night. The suspects are Edward Muguta and Asimwe Mugisha, both residents of Kyangwali sub county in Kikuube.

They allegedly waylaid Richard Mbabazi, a producer and resident of Nyakasozi village in Kasozi parish in Kyangwali sub-county around 11 pm on Monday night. They alleged waylaid their victim near Nyakasozi trading center while armed with a machete and ordered him to surrender all the money from the day’s sales.

Fearing for his dear life, Mbabazi surrendered all the money to the suspects, who hacked him on the head before vanishing from the scene. However, Mbabazi managed to identify the attackers during the incident. Joseph Alinda, a resident says that they heard Mbabazi screaming for help and rushed to rescue him but found him bleeding profusely.

They rushed him to Kituti health center IV where he is nursing severe wounds. Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson says when police recieved information about the incident, they immediately swung into action and started pursuing the suspects.

He says that the suspects were arrested from Kyangwali trading center on Tuesday afternoon and immediately whisked to Kikuube central police station where they are currently being held on robbery charges.

In a similar incident, Kibaale police also arrested an unnamed suspect on allegations of aggravated robbery. The suspect allegedly connived with several others still at large and robbed Shillings 400,000 from Godfrey Kabagambe at gunpoint on Sunday night at around 11 p.m. 

The suspects waylaid Kabagambe as he was heading home from the Kafunfu trading center. They placed him at gunpoint and ordered him to surrender his valuables. He tried to resist, prompting the suspects to hack him on the head forcing him to surrender Shillings 400,000.  The suspects left him unconscious in a pool of blood.