The minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Hon Betty Among says Cabinet is considering a total ban on externalization of labour to Middle East Countries.

Among disclosed the development during a meeting with labour export sector players at Hotel Africana on Wednesday. 

Among says, a cabinet meeting on Monday ended with ministers at crossroads on whether to totally or halt the industry until better measures have been put in place. She explains that in 2022 alone, over 300 complaints of mistreatment have been reported by the Ministry of labour.

Among explains that cabinet is also aware of reports that sexual harasment and body organ trafficking on Ugandans working abroad.

“Cabinet was dividedThere are those saying we ban the industry, others say we ban only for housemaids, others are suggesting we halt the process until measures have been put in place to mitigate. This year we have registered 300 cases of mistreatment and the second is sexual harrasment.Also organ harvesting,” said Among

Meanwhile, ICT Minister Chris  Baryomunsi says the President has now directed Hon Amongi to present a comprehensive paper on externalization of labour in Uganda.

At least 16,397 Ugandans left the country between January and February in search of employment, according to data from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. 

The details are contained in a Ministry of Gender migrant labour report that covers at least six years from 2016 and part of 2022.

The report indicates that at least an average of 24,086 Ugandans leave Uganda annually in search of employment, especially to the Middle East. 

According to theUganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA) close to 350,000 Ugandans are employed in the Middle East on domestic and non-domestic jobs.

In 2019, Zaituni Zawedde a resident of Busense village, Kimaanya-Kabonera division in Masaka City in central, died in Saudi Arabia

Recently, five lifeless bodies of Ugandans  were repatriated to the country.The Ugandans were working in the Middle East countries of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and died under unclear circumstances.