It is no secret, singers Levixone and Desire Luzinda are a step closer to legalising their relationship. This week on Wednesday, Desire Luzinda introduced her Charming Prince, Levixone, to her family, relatives, and friends in a low-key Kwanjula ceremony.

Apparently, the ceremony was highly secretive because the two lovebirds wanted to avoid noise and unnecessary drama… yes the plan worked magic because none of their exes dared to sniff around the venue, which was under tight security, according to sources.

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The ceremony has since caused a massive debate on social media, with a huge section of Netizens claiming Desire is way too experienced between the sheets and that Levixone will face torrid time trying to impress her.

Some say that even though ‘age is just a number’, the couple isn’t fit to be together since Desire is older than Levixone. She is 37 and Levixone is just 32!

However, Desire’s ex-boyfriend, Juma Seiko is actually backing the ‘Mbeera’ singer to harvest his bae’s beans for good. Juma Seiko, who claims to have no bone to pick with the couple, says he blesses the pair. Speaking during an interview with a local media outlet, Seiko was asked why he snubbed the introduction ceremony and he explained that he was not invited, adding that perhaps Desire thought he would cause drama.

“Kukyala is supposed to be for a few people and I don’t feel bad that she didn’t invite me but if she invites me for another ceremony I will attend,” said Seiko, before tipping Levixone on how to eat his prey’s beans and make her happy.

“Levixone should study Desire and understand who she is, what she wants, and what she doesn’t want, so he should avoid what Desire doesn’t want. What I know about Desire, she is self-contained. If you’re not ready, you can’t afford her. She hates someone who lies, and she doesn’t fight,“ said Seiko.