While responding to State Minister of Mineral Development Sarah Opendi’s plea to the government to have indecent artists banned from performing at schools, singer Sheebah Karungi took time off to reveal her early hustle to the top.

Sheebah, a culprit, who was irritated by Hon. Opendi’s move to have raunchy artists restricted from minting dime from High School gigs, disclosed that she was a struggling karaoke dancer and, therefore, they have no moral authority to lecture her on how to dress or make money.  

“When I was a karaoke singer earning UGX 9,000, where were they? When I spent days in church on an empty stomach, where were they?  You can’t wait for me to hustle and make it before telling me what to do.  No one will tell me what to do, how to dress… I am an adult who has catapulted myself to the top,” she scoffed.  

The 32-year-old entertainer further explained that she has no power to influence students, if they are raised and groomed well by their parents. “I tell parents, I am not going to raise your children. They are your responsibility, so stop blaming me for their immorality,” she blasted.

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Kasuku tells Sheebah off….

Reacting to her statements, motormouth journo and entertainment pundit, Isaac Katende, a.k.a Kasuku reminded the former Team No Sleep (TNS) lead star that honestly no one cares about her messy past.

“I don’t want to hear what Sheebah has started telling us, that she struggled in the past. We don’t care about that and it’s useless because it won’t help anyone. She should keep her battles to herself,” Kasuku said during his morning show on Spark TV.

Kasuku advised Sheebah to forget the comments made by the MP and concentrate on music.