In a bid to somewhat hoodwink, play ping pong and presumably continue confusing online in-laws that there was no Kwanjula ceremony but rather a mere music video shoot, Desire Luzinda, boo Levixone and singer, Ray G, have finally released the visuals of the song, titled Yoya.

About a fortnight ago, Desire Luzinda introduced her boyfriend, Levixone, in a secret ceremony that was leaked by one of the guests through a video. The secret event happened in Katalemwa, Bombo Road, after Kawanda. Pastor Bugingo together with his wife Susan Makula, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Phaneero Ministries’ Apostle Grace Lubega and Karitas Karisimbi, were among the few invited guests to witness the traditional nuptials.

Apparently, Desire’s dad, Hajji Jamada Luzinda, asked for a bride price of 15 Fresian cows for his tried and tested daughter.

Sources say, the dad demanded for such a huge bride price because his daughter had been toyed with and tickled by several men on ‘Jaribu’, so this was a golden opportunity as a parent to get something tangible.

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Everything went on as planned, with the couple choosing to conceal the clear footage taken at the ceremony, for reasons only known to themselves.

As if to somewhat make the public believe that the couple is not any step closer to legalising their romps, on Monday, they released some of the footage, but in the form of a music video.

“The highly anticipated footage for the day that was 07/13/2022,” Desire shared on her Facebook wall, disguising the Mukolo as a music video with Levixone and Ray G’s collabo, Yoya.

At the end of the song, the Bible verse from the Book of Proverbs is displayed saying, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” It is already trending No7 on YouTube, with over 84,879 views.

Watch the song below;

However, one eagled-eyed Muzzinyi, Ray Supersta was quick to blast the couple, calling them out to stop hiding their relationship.

Abafumbo Desire Luzinda ne Levixone bagezaako okutulimba nti omukolo tegwaaliyo.

B’akozeyo ki video ku green screen tulowooze nti yali video shoot,” Ray lashed out at the couple, forcing Levixone to sneeze in the comment section.

“Naye taata wange nga badmind is too much lets preach one love … we will all win … and blessings man,” the gospel star commented on Ray Supersta’s stinging post.

Ani aswaza ani ku bombi?