The statue of 5-time Ballon D’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to fade around the groin section due to constant rubbing by tourists.

The bronze statue with an inscription– ‘Best Player In The World’–, unveiled at the Pestana CR7 in 2014 and stationed in Madeira Island, Portugal has become a traditional spot for tourists to rub especially the groin part.

The statue, which is more than two meters tall and weighs more than 800 kg, but the crotch area has proven to be a major tourist attraction amongst female fans.

As during holidays, the groin part of the statue has become a more focal point for photos and selfies, with fans, and tourists cannot wait to touch it as they pose for photos.

A tourist speaking in regards to the statue, said, “I just wanted a picture of him to send to my family. But as soon as I put it on the family WhatsApp group everyone started laughing. They couldn’t help notice the well-rubbed area between his legs.”

Apparently, the groin area of the Manchester United star’s larger-than-life tribute has been rubbed frequently, such that the ‘bronze has polished into a hard-to-miss shine