“My job is to bring them back”

President Yoweri Museveni has stated that it is his cardinal role to bring together leaders from opposition parties for the growth of the country.

He described the Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao as a leader with his ‘own capabilities’.

Museveni made the remarks while swearing in Mao, as Minister Designate for Justice and Constitutional Minister today at the State House in Entebbe. Also sworn in is Beatrice Akello, Minister of State for Economic Monitoring.

Museveni said that the appointment of Mao is part of the NRM government’s efforts to keep Uganda stable and strong except for opportunist politicians who don’t want to see stability.

“My job is to bring them back. I am glad that some people have come back including Betty Kamya, Jimmy Akena and now Mao. It is a deliberate effort to unite and solve the problems of Uganda because we all have the same problems like improving roads, water, education, security etc. The only difference is the opportunist politicians who don’t want to see a stable country,” he said.

Museveni and Mao signed a cooperation agreement early this week on behalf of both parties. The cooperation agreement states that other DP members can also be appointed to the cabinet.

“Democratic Party ministers agree to be bound by the cabinet rules in the exercise of ministerial responsibilities, and in particular, agree to be bound by the provisions on conduct, public duty, and personal interests of ministers,” the agreement reads.

“Ministers from the Democratic Party agree to be bound by collective responsibility in relation to their ministerial portfolios. When speaking within portfolio responsibilities, they will speak for the government representing the government’s position in relation to those responsibilities,” it adds in part.

“My job is to bring them back”

Speaking about Beatrice Akello, Minister of State for Economic Monitoring, Museveni said she has excelled as an RDC and has potential to lead.

“Beatrice Akello was one of my most favourable RDCs and she did a very good job. She was one of the most successful RDCs in managing her district. She is one of the young people coming up,” he added.

President Museveni urged the new ministers to help solve people’s problems in their service to the country.