Diana Nabatanzi left sweating plasma after video of Mr Lee having fun with a beautiful & curvaceous babe is shared by netizens

We informed you in one of yesterday’s articles that the B2C boys will hold their second major concert on the 19th of August at Freedom City.

In the article we also revealed that the trio shall be releasing a new video as a way of building momentum ahead of their big concert.

Well, surprisingly the video that we talked about was finally released yesterday night and, as usual, Netizens have jumped on the reviews and have already given some positive feedback.

In the video, Mr Lee is seen dancing and getting cozy with a curvaceous vixen.

From the reviews on YouTube, some fans have began speculating how Diana Nabatanzi, Mr Lee’s rumoured girlfriend could be sweating plasma because of the babe’s infectious presence around her man.

“That hot babe dancing with Mr Lee must in all ways give Diana Nabatanzi some serious headache. There is no way a hot babe can dance with my man like that & fail to feel the heat,” one Rachael Nagawa commented on the video

Watch video below;