Weasel allegedly turns his baby mama into a punching bag

If we are to go by the reports circulating on social media, musician Douglas Mayanja, aka Weasel Manizo, has turned his baby mama Teta in to a punching bag.

The reports claim that whenever weasel takes cocaine in addition to other toxic drugs, it’s always Teta to face the effects of the dangerous cocktail taken by the ‘ragamuffin’.

Pictures of Weasel’s baby mama with a bruised face have leaked on social media with many sources claiming the ‘Tokyayitaba’ hitmaker usually beats up his madam. In the photos, Teta exhibits swollen eyes with the eyelids almost shut and, wounded lips.

One source close to the singer reported that weasel no longer buys anything at home, not even under clothing or sanitary wear for his bae.

It is alleged that Teta looks for every possible avenue to make ends meet.

One night, Teta apparently returned home late from a bar where she works in Ntinda. A fight erupted between her and Weasel from where she supposedly sustained the bruises.


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