The long-awaited Rotary Cancer Run at Kololo ceremonial grounds is back this year as we mark the 11th edition of the Rotary Cancer Run. It is an annual event that has been organised since 2012 by Rotarians, to bridge the gap in the fight against the cancer scourge by building a one-stop cancer screening and treatment centre at Nsambya Hospital, Kampala.

In May this year, construction of the Bunkers commenced and it is for this reason that we are running. The total cost of constructing these will cost over UGX 13.5bn. From 2016 to 2021, we have raised UGX 2.3bn available in the bank, and we are aiming to raise UGX 11.2billion to complete the construction of the bunkers, which will house the modern cancer screening and treatment machines; the Linear Accelerators (LINAC) in the coming runs.

Speaking during the press launch today at Nsambya Hospital, Past District Governor, Stephen Mwanje, who is also Chair of the Uganda Rotary Cancer Programme, expressed Rotary’s gratitude for the overwhelming support received from Ugandans and people from all over the world over for the last 11 years.

He recounted the big milestones achieved so far saying, “For three years now, a well-equipped 36-bed cancer treatment centre at Nsambya Hospital worth UGX1.5 billion has been operational; after building the cancer centre, UGX 200million of the collections from the run held in 2015 was contributed towards the construction of the Rotary Blood Bank at Mengo Hospital. The Rotary Cancer Run has enjoyed years of global participation, and this year we started the construction of the two bunkers which will house two ultra-modern linear accelerators which are cancer testing and treatment machines we hope to import in the near future.”

In his remarks at the launch today, Fabian Kasi, the Managing Director Centenary Bank said, “The annual Rotary Cancer Run is a reminder to every Ugandan that the minute we join forces in the battle against cancer in Uganda, we can achieve greater things than we aim to achieve. Centenary Bank is honoured to be a part of the Cancer Run. Through this initiative, we get to support our communities, [and] cancer patients in particular. The battle against cancer can be won with the right treatment centres and facilities in place.

Kasi further noted, “This year Centenary Bank commits UGX. 150M towards the preparation of this year’s Cancer Run. It is exciting to see that this year we will have a physical run once again, something that most runners had missed. Therefore, I urge Ugandans to take part and join in on this run as we create awareness and raise funds towards the construction of bunkers to aid in the treatment of cancer. Over the years, Centenary Bank has injected close to UGX 2b in this cause and we are not about to stop. Looking at facilities such as this at Nsambya Hospital, is an affirmation that indeed one day, we shall have a country with affordable and accessible cancer treatment.”

Registration for the Rotary Cancer Run 2022 has already started at all Centenary Bank branches in Kampala, Rotary Cancer Programme Uganda Offices in Muyenga (Zimwe Road), Uganda Rotary office on 9th Floor NIC Building and Capital shoppers outlets, at only UGX 25,000.

Over the years, the Rotary Cancer Run has attracted over 50,000 participants annually from Uganda and the diaspora who have supported either through direct donations, charity drives, or by attending the run to raise funds to set up facilities for cancer treatment in Uganda. In total, over UGX 3.6 billion has been raised, and many other forms of support in kind rendered to facilitate the fight against cancer in Uganda. The 11th edition of the annual Rotary Cancer Run is sponsored by Centenary Bank, Parliament of Uganda, supported by New Vision, Rwenzori, MAAD Advertisement among others,” revealed Emmy Kwesiga, chair for this year’s Rotary Cancer Run organising committee.

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