It’s a new day already and, as anticipated, another chance for Chameleone’s wife Daniella to continue with her daily mission to put an end to Weasel’s violence towards his baby mama, Sandra Teta.

Yesterday, the mother of four pinned her hubby Chameleobne for trying to hoodwink the public into believing that Sandra Teta was fine and had no bruises on her body as earlier pictures had portrayed her. This Thursday morning, the no-nonsense activist has warned Weasel about the consequences of the violent life style he chooses to live.

In a wordy Instagram post, Daniella highlighted how singers Mozey Radio and AK-47 led violent life styles that later shortened their seemingly beaming life spans.

In the same way, Daniella cautioned Weasel to change course or risk going the same route as his friends

“Today we will tackle a very sensitive area. Fresh in our memories and hearts, the entire nation was gripped by the deaths of Emma and Moze …both of whom I had very close personal relationships with. Those two lovely boys had found their spot in all of our hearts, we mourned them even across boarders and we still continue to mourn them. Both boys died mysteriously if we all recall but one thing was certain …LIFESTYLE. I remember my guardian constantly telling us that certain lifestyles will endanger you and make you more vulnerable than others, he always said we should choose a humble lifestyle and when we lost our two boys, one thing was clear to me …the life they lived had shortened the life they would have lived. Overtime, I mastered the art of silently talking to myself and challenging my thoughts, many times I asked myself if perhaps it would have been different if the boys had done things differently, I thought that maybe it was time to have honest conversations with our boys after what I convinced myself was a manifestation of the lifestyle lived, it was such careless deaths I repeatedly told myself. Of course death is death regardless [of] how it happens but I saw a pattern and I am now wondering if we are going to watch Weasel walk the same route. As we pray for clarity for Weasel and Sandra, it’s already clear those two need JESUS (don’t we all?)” Daniella’s post reads.