Love For The Whopper? Friends close to Sandra claim her love for Weasel keeps taking her back to him despite the battering she receives in return

There is nothing as painful as trying to render help to someone who doesn’t realise that they actually need the help being offered to them.

This is the exact situation that Sandra Teta, Weasel’s baby mama, finds herself in with people trying to save her from the domestic violence that the father of her children is causing to her person.

Despite the public castigating Weasel for beating up a woman to the point of no recognition, the victim of the torture (Sandra Teta) has done little to help Police apprehend the tormentor (Weasel).

Yesterday afternoon, a friend close to Sandra, revealed to us the moment at which Weasel caused gruesome injuries on her body through the torture that he inflicted on her back and face.

The source further disclosed that after being walloped for close to 2 hours, Sandra ran out of Weasel’s house and sought refuge at this friend’s house located in Kamwokya. What later surprised her was that the following day, Sandra packed her belongings and went back to Weasel’s house.

“I think Sandra is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because there is no way someone can torture you to that extent and then go back to him with an open heart. It seems to me that the more Weasel beats her, the more she develops positive feelings towards him,” a friend, who didn’t want her identity revealed, said of the relationship between Sandra and Weasel.

For those of you who don’t know what Stockholm Syndrome is, the term simply means a condition in which a person develops a psychological bond with their tormentors during captivity. In this case, therefore, we can say that Sandra has developed an emotional bond with her tormentor Weasel.

Police’s attention has already been drawn to the matter but there is little they can do if Sandra is not willing to open a case against her tormentor Weasel.

We asked one of our relationship experts Ssenga ‘Kawomera’ on the the controversial matter and she seemed to agree with the narrative that Sandra might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

“That might be true because there is nothing that can explain her kind of behaviour. We can’t pin it on the fact that Sandra loves Weasel to the bone and that could be the reason she keeps going back to him despite all the abuse. There must be something mental about her that we actually need to sort out,” Ssenga Kawomera suggested.